Where Are the Eggs?

Another evolution on the farm is that the henhouse is no longer open for guests to take eggs from the hens.

Although our lucky chickens lead long happy lives, the reality is they are a tiny minority. There is a common misconception that “free range” hens roam outside, happy and free. However, most hens, even “free range” hens fed organic grain, are kept in sheds with thousands of other birds. Standard “free range” practice is to cut off their beaks so hens in close confinement don’t peck each other.

All commercial hens are sent to slaughter at about a year when egg production declines. Even on small family farms, when the chickens don’t produce enough eggs, they are slaughtered.

Whether free range or factory farmed, male chicks are of no use for egg or meat production, and each year over 4 billion are killed almost immediately after hatching.

We feel by offering eggs to our guests we’re promoting a cruel system that is not aligned with our belief that all living creatures should be treated kindly.