Animals on the Farm

Buddy, our beloved pony adopted in 2000. He was doing pony rides in small country fairs in Canada when we met and fell in love with him. After years of prodding the owner, he finally agreed to retire Buddy and let us adopt him. Although in his 30’s, quite elderly for a pony, he is healthy and strong. He is blind in one eye and receives Senior feed, a soft grain for older ponies that are missing teeth.  Sadly we bid farewell to Buddy, Summer 2021

Leonora, our affectionate, sweet friendly cat, who was rescued from an abusive situation in 2010.

Herman and Bernie, mini Juliana pigs adopted from Posada Rescue Farm in 2015.

Chickens, an assortment of breeds born on the farm.

Hank, adopted in 2018 is a 20 year old pony from Pony Up Rescue, in Olalla, Wa. Hank is sweet, gentle and friendly. Buddy is thrilled he is here!

Buckwheat and Barley, the tiny “runts” from a local farm were adopted in 2019. They are adorable and we are so happy to have them on the farm.


Sisters Gertrude and Lucille, Nubian goats, were adopted from a local farm in the summer of 2021.

Our most recent additions to the farm, Hazel and Olive, Nubian goats, were adopted from a local farm in the spring of 2023.