Hello Friends,

Hoping you’re all safe and sound with people you love.

We’ve been busy on the farm.

A hen hatched 6 chicks who have joined the flock, we finished the new yoga/studio, the garden is bursting with lettuces, radish, kale, chard and rhubarb, the henhouse has been expanded with windows and new fencing has provided more grazing for our ponies, sheep, and pigs.

Well…we certainly did not foresee Spring being so quiet on the farm.

The rooms are empty, the hammocks swing weightless in the wind and the rowboat is waiting on shore. We are all in Dr Seuss’ The Waiting Place.

When things don’t make sense, it’s time to fall back on what we know to be true. So let’s be kinder to ourselves, our bodies, our families, the animals around us and afar, and Mother Earth.

And hey, let’s give ourselves a break if we’re not being as productive as we think we should be. Even if we’re not using this time to learn a new language or start a blog or read a classic, today let’s just be a little kinder. And that will be enough.

We’re all in this storm together, however we’re certainly in different boats. Many of us are very lucky and will weather this storm better than others.

So with great gratitude for what we have here on the farm, we thank all of you who have visited us. We miss you more than you know and couldn’t be more excited for your return!

Lydia & John